Why Antioxidants Can Help You Stay Kenko Younger and Healthier

Science has discovered the rationale for the aging process. Kenko is quite complex but there are two major contributing factors.

Firstly, the instant you’re born your system produces oxidized cells. Oxidized cells are the “first response” to any bacteria, pathogens, and free radicals within the body. I won’t enter what each of those is, but suffice it to mention, they’re “foreign bodies” in our physiology (we also get them in our foods and within the air).

The oxidized cells play an enormous part in keeping us healthy. However, oxidation is the reason why we keep our foods in tins, bottles, and plastic. You see, when food is exposed to air, the oxygen within the air begins to oxidize the foods and that they begin to rot. Oxidation is additionally the rational metal rusts. Any sort of cell deterioration may be a result of oxidation.

In the past, we wanted to eat foods that contained natural antioxidants (mainly berries) and these antioxidants prevented the oxidized cells from doing damage to the body. Oxidized cells are like renegade firemen. Once they put out a fireplace, they appear for subsequent fire, and if there’s not one, they begin one to hold out their “firemen duties”. Since we aren’t getting sufficient antioxidants in our diets, we’ve to supplement with antioxidants. In other words, if you do not get sufficient antioxidants within the body, the body begins to oxidize (rot) and therefore the cells in your body deteriorate.

The second process Kenko that’s a serious contributor to aging (cell deterioration) is the cell renewal process (apoptosis). Every cell has DNA. DNA may be a molecule that carries the “blueprint” of our physiology, which creates all the cells in our bodies work harmoniously so that our cells don’t activate one another (like a heart transplant or liver transplant patient). DNA creates the “match” or “mating” of other cells. I won’t enter what and the way important DNA is, but, when our cells renew, they ought to renew with the precise chromosomal structure as before. Chromosomes are just like the “computer language” that determines our physiology.

Cells have a Kenko communication system that communicates to other cells

That’s how the body responds to foreign bodies. This communication takes place through glycoforms. they’re like little “masts” (similar to the cellular phone towers scattered around). They receive and transmit cell signals to every other through electro-magnetic cell signaling. As long as the glycoforms remain healthy and intact, the body’s communication system stays healthy. However, if the glycoforms deteriorate, this will contribute to wrong messages to the body for cell renewal. The body then reproduces cells that aren’t an equivalent, contributing further to cell degeneration. The glycoforms are made from 8 saccharides (sugars). Only 2 are commonly found within the diets of many individuals (glucose and fructose and sometimes in unhealthy large quantities), particularly if they do not follow a healthy nutritional regimen.

If the method of oxidation continues and isn’t stemmed by antioxidants, cells within the body degenerate. (Our cells renew approximately every 7 years). Now the matter is, if they’re degenerating, the body produces precisely the same cell. In other words, the body begins to breed degenerative cells. Over time, the cells in our body begin to deteriorate, and this produces the aging process.

It is quite simple, and therefore the understanding of this is often what made me formulate Glyco-Boost. Glyco-Boost contains a number of the foremost powerful antioxidants you’ll find. Why do I even have quite one? The rationale is because different antioxidants stimulate different responses in our systems. Some are water-soluble, and act in our plasma, et al. stimulate lipids and protect the membrane surrounding each cell. rock bottom line is to fight and neutralize pesky free radicals (oxidized cells), you would like both sorts of antioxidants from as many sources as possible. When taken together, the efficacy of water- and lipid-soluble antioxidants is enhanced even more.

Furthermore, Glyco-Boost contains the 6 saccharides that one doesn’t commonly get from your diet. These fortify the glycoforms surrounding the cell wall and assist in healthy cell-to-cell communication.

Glyco-Boost doesn’t cause you to be younger, necessarily, but it assists in these 2 vital areas, viz. oxidation and cell renewal.

I have not been sick for 7 years now. I even have not seen a doctor or dentist for 7 years. Why? Because I take care of the cells in my body. If I buy the symptoms of an illness, I double abreast of my dosage of Glyco-Boost and therefore the symptoms are gone within 24 hours.

Glyco-Boost doesn’t contain everything that the body needs for stemming degeneration, so I include a daily dosage of whey protein, asparagus, turmeric (that contains curcumin), vitamin C, and vitamin K2.

Whey protein when made with unpasteurized milk, anti oxidizes intracellular oxidation, i.e. inside the cell (and this is often important because pasteurization destroys many of the amino acids that do the work). You see, the cell wall is often attacked by free radicals externally, but when cells are attacked inside the cell, like cancer cells, there’s just one thing (as far as we know) that will act as an antioxidant, which is glutathione. Glutathione is synthesized (converted for use) from 4 amino acids, that are readily available from many foods in our diet but more readily available in whey protein.

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